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Why Birth Photography

Until today, parents only had memories of their child’s birth. Now they can have photographs as well.

 Birth Photography is about remembering that emotional roller-coaster of a journey that as parents you undergo during birth, a once in a lifetime memory – you can’t get them back. 

It’s about capturing those first moments and first expressions of your newest family member. The emotions that as parents you feel are Raw and intense and that is what defines this miracle called ‘Birth’.

 Photos also trigger memories, feelings, emotions… they help you remember more vividly. Even if you don’t care for the memory for yourself, I can assure you that when your children are older, they will be delighted to see their yesteryears.

 These moments once Gone, are Gone forever!

There Are Multiple Reasons Why Parents Should Hire A Professional Birth Photographer To Create These Memories

1.      Let Childbirth be remembered for the Good Memories! Mother never remembers what happens in the 2 hours before and after the birth of her child. Things will be a definite blur. These photos would jog her down the memory lane.

2.     Babies come out of the womb and look incredibly different an hour later. So might as well capture the initial moments

3.     Fathers should be in the photos and not taking the photos. Birth can be an emotional roller coaster (for the dad too!) and he shouldn’t have to worry about handling a camera during labor delivery and the first couple hours of life. Let him support you, enjoy holding his baby, and greeting family visitors!

4.     The emotion and expression experienced during birth is priceless

5.     Quality Crisp Images: If you tried to take photos in a darkened birth room, you would likely need to use a flash with your camera, but birth photographers have proper equipment and lenses to be able to take crisp photos in low light without a flash, and that’s important when dealing with a newborn’s sensitive eyes.

6.     There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that a birth photographer can capture: Friends and family eagerly waiting to hear the news, tender moments with your spouse. Your photographer will capture all the moments big and small that you can relive all over again.